Episode 20

Episode 20: Lizzie McGuire Episode 120 Educating Ethan Recap

Published on: 30th June, 2020

Marisa and Sam discuss Lizzie McGuire Episode 120: Educating Ethan, which first aired August 24, 2001. Gordo's misogyny is pushing Marisa to her breaking point, while Miranda pulls together some of her best outfits yet. Plus, Sam provides some quick thoughts on his first time watching the 2003 classic What a Girl Wants.

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Marisa Kanter has watched A LOT of early '00s television. Sam Cheung has not. Together, they are the The Outfit Repeaters. Formerly a dedicated Lizzie McGuire recap podcast, currently covering nostalgic children's television. Follow: @outfitrepeatpod on Twitter or @outfitrepeaterspodcast on Instagram.

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